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Nick's Courses

Nick's Cookery Courses

These courses are not just about following a recipe; you will be taught the techniques that will give you the confidence and ability to create your own fabulous culinary creations at home. Of course, you'll also be putting together some delicious dishes in the process and enjoying some fantastic meals

The courses are one on one and run everyday from 10.00am to 2.00pm followed by lunch and discussion of the day finishing at 3.00pm. The cost for the cookery course varies. The prices include a lunch, refreshments, a chef’s apron and recipes
The Basics - £225.00 per person - Learning the basics in cooking from preparing and cooking food to using the kitchen equipment.
Bread - £175.00 per person - Marmite, Lavender, Curry use your imagination and you will never use a bread maker again!
Vegetables - £185.00 per person - From the humble cabbage to the noble asparagus. Vegetables that will really compliment and look attractive
Vegetarian - £200.00 per person - Forget the wilted lettuce leaf and the rubber cheese omelette. Ideas to tempt your taste buds.
Stocks and Sauces - £200.00 per person - From the beginning of stocks to the completion of fine sauces. Ways to compliment every course of your meal
Pasta - £210.00 per person - Ravioli, Fettuccine, Spaghetti. How to use a pasta machine and create some wonderful pasta dishes.
Canapes - £210.00 per person - How simple and easy to create. But they are a real wow factor at dinner parties.
Desserts - £225.00 per person - The grand finale, Classic dishes with a twist
Meat - £285.00 per person - Classic stews to the modern English dishes. How to prepare, cook and serve your meat
Fish - £300.00 per person - Scales and Bones! From how to scale fish to serve.
Shellfish - £325.00 per person - Lobster, Crab and Langoustine, How to serve shellfish using the best products,

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